Part III ­ Books, Magazines, etc.



Abele, Hyacinth. DIE VIOLINE, ihre Geschichte und ihr Bau. Nach Quellen dargestellt von Hyacinth Abele. Neuburg, 1864.

viii, 195 pp., 27 illustrations and folding plates at the end. German script. (4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches, boards, a few pages a bit foxed) Very scarce first edition. $150.00 Sold!


Alburger, Mary Anne. THE VIOLIN MAKERS. Portrait of a Living Craft. London, 1978. The Deluxe Edition.

240 pp., plus 31 plates illustrating the instruments of these makers. (leather covers a bit spotted and worn) An interesting book that interviews 28 modern British instrument makers. This is number 40 of the edition limited to only 40 copies. In a slipcase. Very scarce. $175.000 Sold!


Alte Meistergeigen. Frankfurt: DAS MUSIKINSTRUMENT. Introductions in German, French and English, illustrations and opinions are generally in German.

Volume I: The Venetian School. 1978. 212 pp., 184 illustrations of instruments of Seraphin, Goffriller, Montagnana, Peter Guarnerius, Gobetti, Deconet, Tononi, etc.

Volume II: Die Schulen von Mailand, Florenz, Genua. 1978. 226 pp., 100 plus illustrations of instruments of Testore, Grancino, Landolfi, Mantegazza, Carcassi, etc.

Volume III/IV: Antonius Stradivarius and the School of Cremona. 1979. 412 pp., 414 illustrations of instruments of Amati, Bergonzi, Ceruti, Andreas Guarnerius, Guarnerius del Gesu, Ruggieri, Storioni, etc.

Volume V/VI: The School of Naples, Rome, Leghorn, Verona, Ferrara, Brescia and Mantua. 1980. 404 pp., 396 illustrations of instruments of Gagliano, Eberle, Postiglione, Ventapane, Tecchler, Gragnani, da Salo, Maggini, Rogeri, Camilli, etc.

Volume VII: The Violinmakers of the Guadagnini Family. The School of Turin. 1981. 260 pp., 240 illustrations of instruments of Guadagnini, Cappa, Pressenda, Rocca, etc.

Volume VIII: French and German Makers. 1982. 240 pp., 176 illustrations of instruments of Comble, Panormo, Lupot, Vuillaume, Silvestre, Stainer, etc.

The eight volumes in six books as a set. $1250.000 Sold!



182 pp., frontispiece, 82 illustrations. (8vo, cloth, d.j. worn and torn) Includes full and detailed instructions for making a violin, cello or bow, including selecting wood, making the bass bar, etc. $40.00 Sold!


Amateur Work. AMATEUR WORK, ILLUSTRATED. Containing Designs and Working Drawings to Scale, for Various Pieces of Work, Useful and Ornamental, and Several Hundred Diagrams and Engravings on Wood. Volumes I, II and III. London, n.d.

Vol. I: 534 pp., numerous illustrations, foldouts. Vol. II: 600 pp., numerous illustrations, foldouts. Vol III: 600 pp., plus 208 pp., November, 1884-February, 1885 issues of the magazine added in the back. (7 1/2 x 10 inches, some of the foldouts ripped) Includes sections from Heron-Allen's Violin Making as it Was and Is, as well as many other interesting items. Very scarce. $375.00 Sold!


(Amati) ANDREA AMATI OPERA OMNIA. Les Violons du Roi. Cremona, 2007. In English and Italian.

253 pp., numerous illustrations. (10 x 12 1/2 inches) Wonderful photos of 21 instruments, A beautiful new book.  $150.00 Sold!


Angeloni, Domenico. IL LIUTAIO. Origine e Costruzione del Violino e degli Strumenti ad Arco Moderni e Notizie Intorno all'Invenzione del Gravecembolo di Bartolomeo Cristofori. Milano, 1923.

xxvi, 558 pp., 33 plates, 176 illustrations, 10 musical examples. (4 x 6 inches, boards, some wear, spine torn) Regazzi says that this book "should be considered one of the most important texts on violin-making in Italy at the beginning of this [20th] century". Very scarce.  $300.00 Sold!


Apel, Willi. ITALIAN VIOLIN MUSIC OF THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY. Indiana University Press, 1990.

ix, 306 pp., numerous musical examples. (6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches,very sl. wear to d.j.)  $45.00 Sold!


Apian-Bennewitz, P. O. DIE GEIGE and ATLAS. Weimar, 1892.

viii, 416 pp., 7 plates, 174 illustrations. Atlas: 14 double-page plates, with 154 illustrations. (bound in new black cloth w/o original covers, in German) $375.00 Sold!


Auction Catalogs. Bonham's, Brompton's, Tarisio, etc.

A collection of 48 auction catalogs from Bonhams, Brompton's, Bongartz, Butterfield & Butterfield, and Tarisio's. Mostly from the 2000s. $110.00 Sold!


Azzolina, Umberto. LIUTERIA ITALIANA, dell 'ottocento e del novecento. (ITALIAN VIOLIN MAKING in the 19th and 20th centuries.) Second Edition. Cremona, 1989.

344 pp., 315 photographs of instruments in color, 105 charts. A beautiful and useful book, limited to 1000 copies. $300.00 Sold!


Bacchetta, Renzo. STRADIVARI NON É NATO NEL 1644. Vita e Opere del Celebre Liutaro. La Sala Stradivariana. Del Museo Civico di Cremona. Cremona, 1937. In Italian.

175 pp., numerous illustrations. (6 x 8 3/4 inches, some wear to paper covers and spine) Signed by the author.  $135.00 Sold!


Bachmann, Alberto. LE VIOLON. (Lutherie – Oeuvres – Biographies) Guide a L'usage Des Artistes & Des Amateurs. Paris, 1906.

xi, 198 pp., 25 illustrations, 150 facsimiles of labels. (6 x 9 1/2 inches, 1/4 leather and marbled boards, some wear to covers and spine, some minor foxing, some pages separating) A scarce and interesting book. Regazzi calls it a prelude to Bachmann's Encyclopedia.   $275.00 Sold!


Balfoort, Dirk J. DE HOLLANDSCHE VIOOLMAKERS. Amsterdam: H. J. Paris, 1931. Preface by Alfred Hill.

xiv, 48 pp. of text, 1 fold-out, 30 pp. of plates, conataining 101 illustrations of instruments, labels, etc. In Dutch. (6 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches, a lot of foxing, to the text pages, reflected in the price) A very rare and interesting book. $575.00 Sold!


Barrett, Henry. THE VIOLA. Complete Guide for Teachers and Students. University of Alabama Press, 1972. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

x, 218 pp., 28 illustrations, 59 musical examples. (8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches)   $40.00 Sold!


Bauer, Heinrich. PRACTICAL HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN. A Handbook Indispensable to Violin Players or Violin Owners. Containing 778 Genuine Violin Labels in True Photographical Reproduction. 1200 Violinmakers' Names and Biographies, etc., etc. New York, 1911.

36 pp., 39 pp. of plates. (8 1/4 x 11 inches, paper covers, covers and spine a bit chipped and worn) Scarce. $150.00 Sold!


Beare, Charles. ANTONIO STRADIVARI. The Cremona Exhibition of 1987. London, 1993. The Deluxe Edition.

328 pp., more than 225 pages of color illustrations of instruments, illustrating 44 instruments and 2 bows, including the Tullaye, Mahler, Hellier, Tuscan, Medici, Baron Knoop, Soil, Batta, Lady Blunt, Sarasate, Habeneck and Muntz. An unbelievable collection of Stradivari’s instruments in probably the finest color photos of instruments ever printed. A sensational book, in a slipcase! No. 262 of the edition limited to only 300 copies. The deluxe edition was sold out by subscription, about 2 years before the book was actually published, and is extremely scarce. $2800.00


Bein & Fushi, Inc. THE "KING JOSEPH" JOSEPH GUARNERIUS DEL GESÙ. Cremona, 1737. Chicago, 1980.

21 pp., (3), 3 color plates. (6 3/4 x 10 1/4 in., leather back and red cloth) Edition limited to 1000. Now quite scarce. $100.00


Bein & Fushi, Inc. THE "PRIMROSE" ANDREA GUARNERI. Cremona, 1697. Chicago, 1983.

21 pp., (3), 5 plates. (6 3/4 x 10 1/4 inches, leather back and red cloth) Edition limited to 750. Now quite scarce. $100.00


Berenzi, D. Angelo. LA PATRIA DI GIOVANNI PAOLO MAGGINI. Cremona, 1891.

14 pp. (5 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches, new cloth, newspaper article tipped in on title page) Very scarce.   $125.00 Sold!


Berenzi, D. Angelo. GLI ARTEFICI LIUTAI BRESCIANI. Lettura. Brescia, 1890.

32 pp. (6 x 9 inches, paper covers, some wear and chipping) Heron Allen described this pamphlet as follows: "There is more to be found concerning the Brescian makers in this pamphlet than in the entire remaining mass of violin literature." Very scarce.   $175.00 Sold!


Bertolotti, Antonino. MUSICI ALLA CORTE DEI GONZAGA IN MANTOVA dal Secolo XV al XVIII. Milano, n.d. (c.1890)

130 pp., numerous illustrations. (8 x 11 inches, some wear to covers, some staining to pages) Very scarce.   $250.00 Sold!


Bletschacher, Richard. DIE LAUTEN-UND GEIGENMACHER DES FÜSSENER LANDES.  Hofheim am Taunus: Friedrich Hofmeister, 1978. First edition. In German.

239 pp., with 70 pp. of illustrations of instruments and labels. (9 3/4 x 11 1/2 inches, d.j. a bit rubbed and chipped) Quite uncommon.  $225.00 Sold!


Boltshauser, Hans. DIE GEIGENBAUER DER SCHWEIZ.  Basel, 1969. In German.

142 pp., including 57 full page plates. (8 1/2 x 12 inches, minor wear to d.j. edge of pages sl. creased).  $250.00 Sold!



Boretti, Gianfranco and Tromellini, Pina. IN FORMA D'ISTRUMENTO. Liutai Reggiani. 1985.

190 pp., numerous illustrations. (8 x 11 inches, cloth, corner bumped, corner of pages creased) $125.00 Sold!


Bonaventura, Arnaldo. STORIA DEL VIOLINO dei Violinisti E Della Musica per Violino. Milano: Ulrico Hoepli, 1925.

283 pp., 42 illustrations, fold-out. (4 1/4 x 6 1/8 inches, covers a bit worn and dirty, spine a bit worn and frayed) Scarce.  $150.00 Sold!



xi, 76 pp. (5 x 7 3/4 inches, paper covers, edges a bit worn and creased) $75.00 Sold!


Bouasse, H. ACOUSTIQUE. Cordes et Membranes. Instruments de Musique a Cordes et a Membranes. Paris, 1920.

xxiv, 505 pp., numerous examples and diagrams. (6 1/2 x 10 inches, paper covers, edges of some pages chipped, covers a bit worn, taped, last page missing large piece, not affecting text) Very scarce.  $350.00 Sold!


Boyden, David. CATALOGUE OF THE HILL COLLECTION OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 1969. The Deluxe Edition.

vii, 54 pp., frontispiece of the "Messiah" Strad, 49 additional pages of plates. (red leather spine and cloth, top edge gilt, in slipcase, middle of spine and front cover bumped) This edition very scarce. $300.00 Sold!


Bruni, Antonio Bartolomeo. MUSICISTA CUNEESE (1751-1821). Ricerche e Studi. Torino, 1931.

xi, 221 pp., frontispiece, musical examples. (6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches, paper covers, edges of covers and spine a bit frayed) No. 280 of 1050 copies. Scarce.   $225.00 Sold!


Cabos, Francine. LE VIOLON ET LA LUTHERIE. Paris: Librairie Gründ, 1948. In French.

111 pp., frontis., 15 plates, several diagrams. (bound in 3/4 leather, leather rubbed, covers a bit warped) Very scarce. $150.00 Sold!


Carletti, Gabriele. THE CARLETTI'S VIOLIN-MAKING WORKSHOP. Bologna, 2005.

127 pp., numerous illustrations. (stiff paper covers, in a slipcase)  $145.00 Sold!


Champfleury (Jules Fleury). LE VIOLON DE FAÏENCE. Nouvelle Limited Edition. Paris, 1877. In French.

viii, 173 pp., frontispiece, 33 illustrations. (3/4 leather spine and marbled boards, covers sprung) Scarce.  $250.00 Sold!


Childs, Paul. THE BOWMAKERS OF THE PECCATTE FAMILY. New York, 1996. The Deluxe Edition.

xxv, 286 pp., 54 plates illustrating 168 bows. The fabulous, authoritative book on this great family of bow makers, in the scarce deluxe edition, limited to 400 copies. In a slipcase. $850.00


Clarke, A. Mason. THE VIOLIN AND OLD VIOLIN MAKERS. Being a Historical & Biographical Account of the Violin. With Facsimiles of Labels of the Old Makers. William Reeves, n.d. .

iv, 120 pp., illustrations. (4 3/4 x 7 1/4 inches, cloth, top edge of a few pages sl. creased). $55.00 Sold!


Clark, R. Ingham. A FEW NOTES ON VARNISHES AND FOSSIL RESINS. London, n.d. (c.1891) Illustrated by James West.

iv, 69 pp., drawings. (9 x 11 1/4 inches, covers and spine a bit worn, inside covers taped) Includes a section on violin varnish. Scarce. $325.00 Sold!


Coffignier, Charles. LES VERNIS. Paris, 1921. In French.

viii, 640 pp., 37 illustrations. (paper covers, some pages worn and sl. chipped, some pages stained) Includes numerous varnish recipes. Extremely scarce! $850.00 Sold!



49 pp., 5 illustrations. (6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches, stiff paper covers, covers sl. worn and creased) $45.00 Sold!


Coutagne, Henry. GASPARD DUIFFOPROUCART et les Luthiers Lyonnais du XVIe Siecle.  Paris: Fischbacher, 1893. In French.

79 pp., frontispiece. (7 x 11 inches, covers a bit worn and stained, edges of pages untrimmed) Regazzi calls this "a most valuable contribution to early violin history."  Very scarce! $850.00

(Cremona) CATALOGUE. ...And They Made Violins in Cremona. From Renaissance to Romantic Era. Four Centuries of Violin Making Art. Cremona, 2000.

220 pp., over 100 pp. of illustrations. (9 1/2 x 12 inches, stiff paper covers, minor shipping dings to spine, edges sl. worn)) A fabulous catalog from the 2000 Exhibition in Cremona. $150.00


(Cremona) CREMONA. Liuteria e Musica in una Citta d’Arte. Seventh International Competition of Violin Making. Cremona: Turris, 1994.

84 pp., numerous illustrations. (13 1/2 x 19 1/4 inches) $90.00 Sold!


(Cremona) Spotti, Giancarlo. CONTEMPORARY CREMONESE VIOLIN MAKING. Cremona: Turris, 1994.

232 pp., 161 illustrations. A beautiful book featuring 47 contemporary violin makers. $275.00 Sold!





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