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Catalog No. 54—January, 2021

Part I—Autographs, Prints, Photos, etc.

Part II—Briefly Described Items and Signatures on Cards, etc.

Part III—Books, Magazines, etc. (A-C)

Part IV—Books, Magazines, etc. (D-G)

Part V—Books, Magazines, etc. (H-K)

Part VI—Books, Magazines, etc. (L-O)

Part VII—Books, Magazines, etc. (P-R)

Part VIII—Books, Magazines, etc. (S-V)

Part IX—Books, Magazines, etc. (W-Z)

Special Items

Stay tuned for some special items that will be offered from my personal collection for the first time.


Contact Information:

David Sanders
2734 Garrison Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: (847) 864-5991

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