Part VIII – Books, Magazines, etc. (S-V)



Sacconi, Simone F. LOAN EXHIBITION OF STRINGED INSTRUMENTS AND BOWS. Commemorating the Seventieth Birthday of Simone Fernando Sacconi. New York, 1966.

70 full page plates, leather back and cloth. (minor wear and rubbing to covers, contents near-fine) A copy brought £275, or about  $500.00 at the Christie's auction of March, 1989. Scarce.  $450.00


(Salabue) Dipper, Andrew and Woodrow, David. COUNT IGNAZIO ALESSANDRO COZIO DI SALABUE. Technical Studies in the Arts of Musical Instrument Making. Observations on the Construction of Stringed Instruments and their Adustment. 1804, 1805, 1809, 1810, 1816. Oxfordshire, 1987.

85 pp., frontispiece of Salabue, 6 full-page reproductions of the original manuscript. Edition limited to 995 copies. Now out of print and quite scarce. (d.j. a bit /torn, with plastic cover) $150.00




448 pp., 48 pp. of musical excerpts, 500 illustrations, numerous plates. (8 x 11 inches, some wear to covers, back covers sprung, some creasing at the tops of pages, in German scrpt) Scarce.  $125.00

(Stradivari) Beare, Charles. ANTONIO STRADIVARI. The Cremona Exhibition of 1987. London, 1993 The Deluxe Edition.

328 pp., more than 225 pages of color illustrations of instruments, illustrating 44 instruments and 2 bows, including the Tullaye, Mahler, Hellier, Tuscan, Medici, Baron Knoop, Soil, Batta, Lady Blunt, Sarasate, Habeneck and Muntz. An unbelievable collection of Stradivari’s instruments in probably the finest color photos of instruments ever printed. A sensational book, in a slipcase! No. 262 of the edition limited to only 300 copies. The deluxe edition was sold out by subscription, about 2 years before the book was actually published, and is extremely scarce. $2800.00


-------- Herrmann, Emil. STRADIVARIUS MEMORIAL CONCERT. In Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Death of Antonius Stradivarius. 1644-1737. Carnegie Hall, Monday Evening, December 20, 1937, at 8:30 p.m. Under the Auspices of the Stradivarius Memorial Association. New York, 1937.

40 pp., stiff illustrated wrappers, 21 plates, 20 Stradivari instruments are illustrated. A copy brought £121, about  $225 at the Christie's auction of November, 1988. $85.00


-------- (Mostra) MOSTRA DI ANTONIO STRADIVARI. Settimane Musicali di Stressa. Isola Bella, 1963.

71 pp., 47 instruments illustrated on full-page plates. In Italian and English. (8 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches, minor wear to covers, corners bumped and sl. rubbed) A copy brought £552, about  $850 at the Sotheby’s auction of June, 1996. No. 96 of the edition limited to 1000 copies. $450.00


-------- Yokoyama, Shinichi. ANTONIO STRADIVARI IN JAPAN. Tokyo: Gakken Co., 1984.

180 pp., fabulous illustrations of 14 of the greatest instruments ever made. Limited to 1000 copies. In a slipcase. (in near-mint condition, in the original box) Very scarce. $1750.00


-------- THE STRAD CALENDAR 1997. The Amati Family. $20.00


-------- THE STRAD CALENDAR 2002. The Golden Age of Brescia. $20.00



132 pp., numerous illustrations. (18 x 12 inches) A new photo documentary book highlighting the great masters of Italian and French violin making. Makers included are Riccardo Antoniazzi, Paul Bailly, Gustave Bernardel, Mateo Gofriller, Antonio Gragnani, Nicolas Lupot, Francesco Rugieri, and J. B. Vuillaume. $475.00


Tolbecque, Auguste. L'ART DU LUTHIER. Nirot: Chez L'auteur, 1903. In French.

x, 314 pp., 99 illustrations, portraits of several French luthiers. (bound in leather and marbled boards, with original covers bound in, covers a bit worn and frayed, spine a bit frayed and broken at bottom) A fascinating book that includes sections on all facets of instrument making, including clamps, planes, many varnish recipes, from Piemontais’s recipe of 1550 to Maugin’s of 1834, tuning pegs, fingerboards, etc., etc. Extremely scarce! $1000.00


van der Straeten, Edmund. THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLONCELLO, the Viol da Gamba, their Precursors and Collateral Instruments, with Biographies of all the Most Eminent Players of Every Country. London: William Reeves, 1971.

xvii, 700 pp., portrait, 59 plates, 63 illustrations in the text. (5 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches, very good condition, no dust jacket) Now quite scarce. $175.00


van der Straeten, Edmund. THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLONCELLO, the Viol da Gamba, their Precursors and Collateral Instruments, with Biographies of all the Most Eminent Players of Every Country. London: William Reeves, 1915. Special Two-Volume Edition.

xvii, 700 pp., frontispiece, portrait, 44 plates, 63 illustrations in the text, 10 additional plates of illustrations appearing in the special edition only. (5 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches, bound in vellum and cloth, some minor wear to covers and spine, corners of volume I dnged, the insert telling which number this is of the special edition is missing) Only 100 copies of this special edition were printed. While the insert with the number is the only way the numbered copies were identified, because this copy includes the 10 additional illustrations that were in the special edition only, I am absolutely convinced that this is the special edition. Extremely scarce! $1500.00


(Vuillaume, J. B.) Millant, R. J. B. VUILLAUME. His Life and Work. London: Hill and Sons, 1972. In English, French and German.

207 pp., frontis., 80 pages of illustrations. (edges of covers sl. rubbed and frayed) A beautiful book about this great French maker. $150.00




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